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New Haven Museum Pizerias on Watercolor by Bryan Etch

Pizzerias in Watercolor on display at the New Haven Museum

On display at the historic

Thank you so much to The New Haven Museum for exhibiting my Pizzerias in Watercolor art at this prestigious and historic venue! It’s an honor and a thrill to have my work on display amongst the stories and historic artifacts of The Elm City! Thanks so much to Cynthia, Karin, Margaret Anne, Deborah and everyone at the museum for all your help in bringing this together! Very grateful to you all and the Reddit community at r/NewHaven. I appreciate everyone’s support, always!

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Newest Artwork: Stewart's Shops

A beloved convenience store found all over Upstate New York! If you've been to the Adirondacks, Catskills, NY Capitol Region, Hudson Valley or wherever else Stewart's has set up shop in New York, you know what a lovely little convenience store this is! Voted Best Milk in New York, a popular Ice Cream destination and I'm a big fan of their Chocolate Milk and BBQ Rib Sandwich! Also known for their Meatballs!

I used to live in Upstate New York and I'm very nostalgic for Stewart's. I know many people share my sentiments! This is something I've wanted to paint for some time now, as it's such a special place that deserves a little recognition! Thank you Stewart's Shops for being so great and inspiring this Watercolor Art!
Stewart's Shops Watercolor Painting


     I use my love for pizza to inspire my art. I paint New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Pizzerias extensively as well as any other great places I can find in my travels throughout the country. I love New Haven Apizza, New York Style and bar pies found in New Jersey and Connecticut. I’ve tried many throughout the past several years and this collection of art documents my favorite pizzas as well as some that I simply loved for the building. 

     I’ve been a professional Etch A Sketch artist for 10+ years, with appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America as well as Fox & Friends among others. The Huffington Post called me “The Etch A Sketch Picasso”. I’ve since transitioned my passion for creating intricate Etch A Sketch art to painting the great and many Pizzerias throughout the Tri-State Area / Greater Pizza Region

     My Etsy Shop  features most of my finished work. I’ll be posting updates about each new entry to my series of Pizzerias in Watercolor through my new Email ZINE called PIZZA BEATS. I’m excited to keep seeking out and documenting all these wonderful places that inspire my art. Thanks for following my work and stopping by!

-Bryan Madden aka Bryan Etch

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This image features logos from some of my media highlights. I’ve made appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friend among others!

Throughout my life, career and many projects, I’ve been very fortunate in landing in so many major media outlets. Television, radio, magazine and newsprint, my artwork and comedy projects have received a lot of exposure.

Most recently, News 12 CT ran a Made In Connecticut segment on my art. 

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