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I use my love for pizza to inspire my art. I paint New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Pizzerias extensively as well as any other great places I can find in my travels throughout the country. I love New Haven Apizza, New York Style and bar pies found in New Jersey and Connecticut. I’ve tried many throughout the past several years and this collection of art documents my favorite pizzas as well as some that I simply loved for the building. 


I’ve been a professional Etch A Sketch artist for 10+ years, with appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America as well as Fox & Friends among others. The Huffington Post called me “The Etch A Sketch Picasso”. I’ve since transitioned my passion for creating intricate Etch A Sketch art to painting the great and many Pizzerias throughout the Tri-State Area / Greater Pizza Region


My Etsy Shop  features most of my finished work. Thanks so much for checking out my website! I plan to post updates about each new entry to my series of Pizzerias in Watercolor through my mailing list. Please subscribe if you’d like to follow my Pizza Adventures in Watercolor! (*LINK TO EMAIL LIST IS BEING WORKED ON*) 


Opened in 1938 by Salvatore “Sally” Consiglio. Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street I’m New Haven is considered by many (including the artist) to be the best of the best. A thin, saucy apizza with a charred-up, coal fire crust, there’s nothing else like it. Located on the legendary Wooster Street of Little Italy in New Haven, Sally's Apizza is one of the first names mentioned when talking great New Haven style Apizza

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